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“69”-ing: Does It Satisfy?

On a blog I perused recently, I picked up an interesting tidbit. It’s a practice called “69-ing” and, no, it’s not that 69-ing!

With all the books out there on the market these days, hip readers have a new way to test whether a prospective purchase is worth their money and interest. They flip the book open to page 69 and start reading. The theory is that by page 69 of any book, the reader should be happily caught up in the story. Thus, if you read page 69 of a fictional contender and like it, you'll probably enjoy the whole book from the beginning.

Unfortunately for e-books, 69-ing as a before-purchase test doesn’t work well for obvious reasons. However, looking ahead to the day when Curse Me Not might be available in print, I checked out my novel as to what would appear on page 69.

I was delighted by what I found.

No, I’m not going to include the contents of my page 69 here, but I will say the words "juicy," "champagne," "mischief" and "roadside bomb" appear on it.

You’ll just have to download Curse Me Not to find out if 69-ing really satisfies!

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