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Number Two is the shits!

It’s time.

I’ve had my first novel published. I’ve garnered great reviews. I’ve created my website, my blog, my fool Twitter feed (or whatever!). I’m even close to finishing the novella that will act as a bridge to my second novel. So now it’s time to start on that second novel—for real.

Yeppers, Number Two is the shits. The time for excuses and procrastination is over. I must “sits” and I must “thinks.”

In a piece for Tor.Com, fellow author Caragh O'Brien writes, “Book 2 is often a gnarly, perilous, fascinating project, with built-in constraints and a backdrop of pressure from deadlines, critics and readers. Even with solid plans for a sequel, it’s not uncommon for writers to step into Book 2 intimidated. Guts are mandatory.”

Never once did I expect the self-generated pressure which would come after my first novel. I naively assumed life as an author would be all downhill from there. Silly, silly me!

At least I know my characters and enjoy them, much as my readers do. I even know what I am going to say in Book 2 through those characters, so that’s good. I just have to keep these tips from other authors in mind:

  • Book 2 will be just as hard as the first to write but in different ways, so I need to “suck it up” and get on with it.

  • I can guiltlessly treat myself to chocolate on “writing” days since the stuff’s been proven to increase blood flow to the brain!

  • Since Book 1, I’m bound to have improved as a writer. I need to use that experience going forward.

  • I have loads yet to learn about writing. For me, that’s one of the most fun aspects of authorship.

So there you have it. I’ll keep you posted and let you know how it’s going. And if you see me wondering around muttering to myself, pulling out my hair or manifesting a new facial tic, just ignore me. You’ll know the reason.

Now, where’s that Three Musketeers candy bar…

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