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Talking About Curses and The Evil Eye

My life has definitely been blessed, but there are days when nothing seems to go right. Like a superstitious peasant woman out of the Middle Ages, I start counting since, as we all know, bad things come in threes. I twist an ankle during Jazzercise – that’s one. I come home to find an overflowing toilet – that’s two. Hell’s bells! What’s going to be number three?

Evil Eye Art NEW.jpg

Indeed, thinking back to that superstitious peasant, I understand how having a husband down with the plague, a dead cow in the pasture, and a wart growing on the end of the nose might make a woman feel antsy. (Ummm. Has that nasty neighbor across the street given me the evil eye?)

But that’s the Middle Ages, right? People were superstitious back then and we’re so much smarter now. The evil eye, curses…that silly stuff only works if you believe in it, right?

Well, like I said. I start counting to three.

When I wrote Curse Me Not, my novel about a woman who can see people’s auras and clean revenge curses off those auras, a friend asked me how do you really get rid of a curse. After I stopped chuckling – I write fiction, not preternatural how-to’s – I answered my friend basing my answer on research gathered while writing the book.

It seems one or more of the following might do the trick.

  • Say a prayer.

  • Visit a Wicca website to get the best recipe for an anti-curse spell or potion.

  • See a shrink — a curse has only as much power as you give it mentally.

  • Use positive thinking as a counter-agent.

  • Buy an amulet or talisman - like a Khamsa Hand - to protect yourself.

  • Visualize a white light within that expands outward, burning off any negative vibes.

Personally, I go for the more tried-and-true method. A glass a wine to ease the self-doubt, an introspective look back to see if I might owe someone an apology, and last, a good night’s sleep. Like my novel’s heroine, I tend to channel Scarlett O’Hara. After all, tomorrow is another day.

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