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Choosing a Publisher: A Horror Story

When I first thought about writing a novel, I have to admit it I did so because—after reading paranormal romance after paranormal romance—I found myself tired of reading variations on the same theme over and over. I’m a freelance copywriter and editor so it hit me. I could do this genre one better.

Turned out, the plot of my debut novel, Curse Me Not, flowed out of me remarkably easy, as did the characters and scenes. It was fun taking personal memories, adding a romantic fantasy or two, and wrapping it all up in a paranormal twist that I found personally fascinating—auras.

Yeah, it was all fun and games until it was time to be published.

Take a look at what’s happening in the literary world today. Book stores closing left and right. E-book sales soaring and the number of good, bad and ugly e-book publishers soaring as well. The process was ego-stabbing and chock full of panic attacks—and that was after I gave up on signing with a traditional literary agent or publishing house. (Let’s face it. Signing a book deal with Random House for a debut novel generally sports worse odds than hitting a Powerball lottery.)

Fortunately, Curse Me Not drew offers from several boutique e-publishers. In the end, I chose, not the e-publisher, but the experienced author and editor who just happened to work for an e-publisher.

If you’re out there looking to e-publish, here’s my advice: sign with an editor who (1) truly loves your book, (2) knows the e-publishing ropes and (3) sincerely wants to see you improve as a writer.

That’s what I did. Thank God.

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