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In the full-length novel, Curse Me Not, you were introduced to Elzetta Swan, a southern Appalachian unsophisticate with a lucrative preternatural ability to cleanse auras, and to Police Captain Cal McGrath, a reluctant urban knight who helps Elzetta fend off an invoker’s rage that threatens them both.


Now in the novella, Date With A Curse, we meet Elzetta’s life-long best friend, the exotic, seemingly ditzy Mags Tipton. When her attempt to help Elzetta backfires, Mags suddenly finds herself on a blind date with McGrath’s friend and fellow detective, Dwayne Griffin.


Their blind date that begins in comical confusion quickly evolves into a series of mini-catastrophes that result in a life-changing evening for both the ever-optimist Mags and her chivalrous, but jaded detective.


Perhaps it’s not time to give up on true love after all . . .


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine




Date With A Curse






Dwayne Griffin’s re-emerging consciousness hollered danger. Why was he sprawled on rough concrete, flat on his back in the dark?


His right hand instinctively tried to reach for the holster on his hip, but the clumsy movement brought a stab of pain to his temple that caused his eyes to squeeze shut. While his right hand continued to fumble for his police issue, the other sought his head. Neither effort succeeded. What felt like the weight of the world pressed both of his arms to the ground, and he couldn’t muster the strength to counter it.


Abruptly his alarm diminished as his nose filled with a scent he associated for some reason with contentment, a scent both calming and exotic. As the pain in his head dulled, he forced his eyes open. Blinking in surprise, he found himself gazing up into the face of a dusky-skinned angel hovering over him intimately close.


No, not an angel, he realized. Real angels don’t wear purple.


No, not purple, he amended. Cyclone red or something.


Confused by his own nonsensical thoughts, he shut his eyes and took a few deep inhales. Finally, the scent besieging him finished the job. With a start, he remembered where he was, why he was there and who was kneeling beside him.


His eyes flew open. “What the hell!”





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