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Elizabeth Fisher has created a whole new take on the paranormal. [Curse Me Not] was captivating and very well plotted. I was expecting witches, wolves, vampires or the like, and I got a charming aura cleaner from a backwoods town in Tennessee. This is truly a unique take on the genre.  

—  Online Book Club


Well written with vivid details and dialog you feel as if you are part of the story. The characters are colorful, unique, some quirky…a great balance of humor, fun situations, serious situations, danger, intrigue and a splash of romance. I definitely recommend Curse Me Not to those who like an original paranormal romance. 

— Juniper Grove Reviews


All of [the characters] have personality traits and quirks that breathe life into a unique and spellbinding story that is a break from action-packed paranormal novels filled with supernatural characters. If [you’re] looking for a unique, realistic and entertaining story that has some personality to it, then I highly recommend you grab a copy…

— On My Kindle Reviews


The best part [of Curse Me Not] for me besides the undeniable chemistry between Elzetta and Caleb McGrath was the often understated humor that was sprinkled liberally throughout. Elzetta is a strong, independent-minded woman with a lot of compassion for others. This was a fun read that fully captured my imagination!

— Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews  

Author of Paranormal Romance

Payback really is a bitch . . .


Y'all be sure to enjoy the new twist I'm bringing to paranormal romance and urban fantasy with my novel, Curse Me Not. 


Join my heroine—southern Appalachian unsophisticate Elzetta Swan—as she explores the preternatural side of a world where revenge curses are real, auras manifest themselves to a select few, and the Golden Rule barely qualifies as a guideline.


More about Curse Me Not . . .


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

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